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Reading group

General information

The objective of the reading group, which was established in the winter term of 2017/18, is to read and discuss recent literature on information structure. This activity is meant to spur collaborative work between the involved scholars and at the same time to contribute to the training of advanced master and doctoral students in the field.


Reading Group Semantics

The Semantics Reading Group deals with various formal theories of semantics. Past topics include general formal semantics and lambda calculus (Heim/Kratzer) and intensional semantics (Heim/von Fintel, Gamut). Our goal is to acquire topics in self-study that go beyond the content usually taught in undergraduate courses. 

New students are always welcome!

In the winter semester 2022/23 we will read From Discourse to Logic (Kamp/Reyle) and meet on Fridays at 11:45 am.

Contact if interested: simon.dampfhofer@edu.uni-graz.at.





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